Why a blog about lifelong learning and adult education?

Some might wonder why I’m starting a new blog about lifelong learning and adult education during a global pandemic, but this actually makes good sense to me. During this challenging time, hundreds of millions of people around the world have sheltered in place, donned masks, and practiced social distancing in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. While this is hardly an ideal way of living, perhaps this time offers opportunities to engage in healthy learning activities.
I’ve actually been planning to launch this blog for some time. I’ve been a lifelong learning devotee for, well, all of my life. And though I’ve earned various degrees and worked full-time as a law professor for nearly 30 years, many of my most enjoyable educational experiences have been outside of formal, degree-earning settings. Among other things, I love to read and am awash in books. The internet has enabled my news junkie status and provided many online learning opportunities. Quality television, podcasts, and social media content abound. Music is abundantly available via multiple media as well.
Sadly, travel — another wonderful form of learning — isn’t an advisable activity as of this January 2021 writing. This means that many rich learning experiences associated with visiting other places aren’t currently available. I look forward to the day when that aspect of our world re-opens, perhaps as early as later this year.

In any event, I hope that a blog devoted to lifelong learning and adult education will both inspire and inform. Here I’ll share personal observations and insights, tales of my own educational adventures, and plenty of learning suggestions and resources. I hope you’ll enjoy More Than a Song!

For the story behind this blog’s title, More Than a Song, please go here.

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